Is Fractional Resurfacing The Best Treatment For You?

Fractional Resurfacing is the ultimate non-invasive skin renovation without surgery.


How does it work?


Fractional resurfacing treatments provide anti-aging improvements on skin tone and texture for a more radiant appearance. Ablative treatments do remove some skin, so they have more downtime than other non-ablative technologies like IPL and FotoFacial. The device delivers radio frequency energy to the skin through an array of pins producing localized heat and small micro-lesion dots in the treatment area. The gentle heat generated by the pins in the sub-dermal tissue promotes collagen restructuring for skin rejuvenation and an improved appearance in the skin. The methodical scattering of micro-lesions allows the skin to heal faster than if the entire area was ablated. What this means is that the majority of repair is being done under the skin, maximizing your results, but the damage to the surface is more minimal, allowing you to heal faster and better than with traditional resurfacing machines like Fraxel and CO2 technologies. While we do still continue to offer eMatrix RF treatments, this fractional RF resurfacing is a more intense treatment, allowing us to treat deeper lines and scarring than with eMatrix RF.




What areas can be treated?

Because the RF depth is variable, and different treatments tips (both in size and depth) can be used, treatments can be customized per-person.  The most common areas of treatment are the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, smile lines, cheeks, mouth, and neck. While the full face and neck are often treated, it is also possible to treat areas of the body for stretch marks, scars and skin tightening.

It can also be combined with other treatments including ReFirme (sometimes even used pre-treatment on the same day), FotoFacial, Velashape, and additional procedures offered by Ageless Medi Aesthetics to enhance the effects if desired.


What is a treatment like?

Before you begin treatments, you will discuss the procedure with your technician, sign a consent, and take pre-treatment photos. A topical numbing cream which can be purchased prior to your appointment can be applied to the area being treated to reduce any associated discomfort.

Your technician will then look at your area(s) to be treated and may mark your skin if needed with a skin marker. The technician will then choose the appropriate RF tip to garner the best results for your specific skin issues. Unlike with other laser treatments, there is no conductive gel applied for this treatments. This tip is applied directly onto the skin. The treatment tip will be applied to the skin and a pulse of RF will pulse into the skin and target the appropriate areas. Multiple passes will be done to each area for the best results. Many offices simply do a single pass with their machines, but our technicians have been trained to do multiple passes and pulses. This allows the skin to achieve better results, faster. A treatment will last between 20-40 minutes. There should not be a significant amount of pain, but some areas may feel warm or even hot. This is the energy going in, which is a desired outcome. More sensitive and thin-skinned areas may also be a bit more sensitive (like the jawline or forehead) but your technician will adjust accordingly. Never should you feel so much pain that the procedure is intolerable.

After your treatment your operator will go over post-treatment protocols. You will look red, swollen, and shiny when you leave.



What kind of results can I expect from the treatment?

When you leave, there will be redness and swelling of the treated zone. The swelling and redness will subside over the coming days, but you should expect that it can persist for up to a week (or more if you are prone to swelling), particularly on the higher settings. You should be able to put on makeup and cover most redness after a couple days, but again this depends on your body’s healing.

You should have realistic expectations and remember that multiple sessions may be necessary. Treatment results will continue to develop over the coming months, as new collagen is created. Each session will further ablate and resurface the skin, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles, skin laxity, textural irregularities, pore size and scarring. Follow-up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain results. Remember that we are changing your skin and your collagen, so while results can take a month or so to start appearing, they will continue to build over time, and the results won’t just disappear overnight after a year or so. Your skin will be refreshed and renewed, and then will start to age again naturally, which is why many patients will elect to have maintenance treatments in the coming years.

For best results it is recommended you have 3- 6 treatments spaced apart by 3-4 weeks each.images

As with all of our treatments we try to offer the most affordable prices in order to allow our clients the best possible results with their treatment regimes. The fractional rf resurfacing is just $360 per treatment area with discounts on multiple areas within one appointment.

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